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Our professional car buyers use due diligence to know exactly what they’re buying. You deserve the same information when you choose to purchase a pre-owned vehicle. That’s why DriveNation will provide CARFAX vehicle history reports free of charge for any unit on our lot. Not knowing a vehicle’s past is biggest risk you’re taking when you buy private and not all car dealerships will provide them either. At DriveNation, we have nothing to hide about the quality of our vehicles. Download the report of the unit of your choice from their vehicle display page now by clicking the CARFAX logo. Learn their accident history, number of users as well protect yourself from the following:

Used Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you buy a vehicle that has a valid lien on it, the bank or lien holder could repossess it. Your CARFAX report ensures that the vehicle you buy belongs to you.

CARFAX reports provide information about accident and collision damage in three ways:

    • Checks the data in each of Canada’s provinces and territories, as well as each state in the United States through the Experience Automotive Database, to see if any jurisdiction has labeled the car as salvage, rebuilt or a total loss. A car that has been listed with one of these registration labels in Canada or the United States has been in a major accident.
    • Provides information on claims of damage due to accidents from Canada’s private insurance companies. The reports cover all data on paid accident claims handled by a private insurance company.
    • Lists Canadian and U.S. registrations and insurance coverage data from private Canadian insurers, so you will have the chronological data on the VIN to check whether it has been rebuilt or cloned.
*Please note that warranty, exchange and other benefits may vary by location and vehicle. Certain conditions may apply. See dealer for details.

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