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Simply put, DriveNation provides a new car buying experience for those that are buying used vehicles. No dirt lots, no shady salesman, just the best vehicle selection and one of the highest car loan approval rates in Western Canada.
Since 2012, DriveNation has been building Canada’s largest used car dealership network. Headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, DriveNation operates multiple dealerships across the province. Built around a strong core of amazing benefits, our goal is to get customers in the exact used car, truck, van or SUV that fits their needs, regardless of credit situation. Experts in used car loans, DriveNation has financed tens of thousands of people across the country. With flexible finance options, approvals in minutes and a selection of hundreds of vehicles to choose from, we deliver the easiest vehicle buying experience available today. Don’t settle for anything less than full transparency, great service and a vehicle you can count on. DriveNation. The Best Way to Buy a Used Car. Ever.

What Makes DriveNation Different?

  • Four values truly guide our business every step of the way. They determine who we hire, how we act on a day-to-day basis and how we treat our customers. If these values apply to you both personally and professionally, you’d be a great fit at DriveNation.
  • Driven to Grow – We are great people who are excited about continuous growth and improvement through education and learning from our experiences.
  • Fun Attitude – We find enjoyment in what we do and recognize the effect our attitude has on the people around us.
  • Team Player – We achieve more when working as a team. Everyone, regardless of experience or position, is expected to contribute.
  • Down to Earth – At our core, we are hard-working and humble individuals. We serve others and create an environment of mutual respect.
Sales is pretty cutthroat. Car sales especially. Gouge the customer till they can take no more so you can pad your own pocket. Not at DriveNation, because we are non-commission. We focus on finding the right vehicle for our customers, not what pays them the most. It also means we attract the right sales staff. People who want to be there. When we sell more units overall, each customer doesn’t actually have to pay more. It’s simple math. And if you exceed your targets, our bonus structure will get you the salary you’ve always wanted.
DriveNation got its start in just 2012. In the automotive world that’s been around for over 100 years we’re a drop in the bucket. Small but mighty. What does that mean for you? Massive growth potential. It’s like jumping on an investment early on and riding the wave to your retirement. That literally could be your career at DriveNation as we continue our expansion across this great country.
Getting a cake for your birthday. Scaring people by jumping out from behind a desk. Going for drinks after work. It’s only work if you make it that way. At DriveNation we like to win, winning is fun. And having great people to work with helps just a bit too. You spend more of your waking hours at work than you do at home, it’s time to love what you do and have fun doing it.
What’s the best way to provide the ultimate customer experience? Find people who have great customer service skills. To do that, we tend to shy away from those car industry vets who know how to swindle and pack your vehicle purchases with all that stuff you don’t need. If you speak like a real person and can carry a conversation with a tree you’re exactly the fit for us.
Sure we like to hit numbers, who doesn’t. But more importantly, we win or lose as a family and we have a blast razzing each other as we do it. We attend each other’s weddings and actually want to sit with each other at Christmas parties. DriveNation started as a very small group of individuals, it’s now grown to a small family. But the relationships are as strong as ever.
The old adage of being stuck in a dead-end job cannot be applied here. If you have the desire to succeed and you show the results to back it up, you can climb the ladder. Fast. Become the boss, run the show, heck, move to the location of your choice and grow it to infinity (and beyond). It’s almost like a franchise model, except we assume the risk. Spread your wings and fly.
DriveNation is fast growing force to be reckoned with in the automotive space, but we’re not doing it alone. We have a partnership with a large motor group with locations right across Canada. What does this give us? Additional buying power and industry expertise that’s second to none. It’s a benefit to our staff and ultimately delivers a larger benefit to our customers come purchase time. We keep growing, your career keeps flourishing. Why wouldn’t you want to come along for that ride?

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DriveNation is a division of a large national Motor Group, made up of over 35 locations across Canada. We’re proud to be part of one of the country’s fastest growing and 50 Best Managed Companies.