11 Crucial Questions To Ask A Used Car Dealership

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As a used car dealership in Regina, we know exactly what you should be asking before you buy a car from a used dealership. 

The majority of buyers have no idea what sort of car they want to buy at the beginning of the shopping process. Many are open to numerous vehicle options, and this can make it very difficult to navigate the market. Many people don’t like shopping at dealerships at all, as they can find it intimidating. In fact, 56% of millennials would rather do chores than negotiate with a car dealership, while 24% of gen X’s would rather have a root canal. That seems pretty extreme! 

That being said, women especially can feel pressured to buy a car that isn’t right for them, as well as to fork out extra on features that they don’t need. 

For both men and women, buyers to end up purchasing the right car, asking the right questions is essential.

11 crucial questions to ask a used car dealership before buying your next vehicle. 


  1. Is This The Original Paintwork?

Asking questions about the paintwork is potentially one of the most important things you can do when buying a used car. If the car has had a repaint, this could be down to a number of reasons, including car accidents. 

You should look at the car carefully to ensure that there isn’t even a slight change in color. You should always inquire about the origin of a difference in the paint if you find one. 

  1. Can I See the Mechanic’s Pre-certification Inspection? 

Every certified car has to go through an inspection before it can be certified. You should also ask to see the paperwork to find out what has been fixed. This is something you should hold on to in case of future problems. 

  1. Who Was The Vehicle Purchased From?

If the vehicle was a trade-in to the dealership, ask if you can see the maintenance records. Let them know it’s fine to black out the owner’s name and address for security purposes. If it was bought at auction, make sure a mechanic who specializes in inspecting used cars has gone over everything thoroughly. 

  1. Can I Take The Car On A Test Drive?

A test drive is a very important way of figuring out whether the vehicle is for you or not. A used car seller will be able to schedule a test drive for you on the same day, usually. Not only will this tell you a lot about the handling of the car, but you’ll also be able to look out for many faults. Steering wheel misalignment, for example, or whether the car is pulling on to one side when driving. Also look out for things like unusual noises coming from the engine, and warning lights on the dashboard. Make sure you can park the car well, ensure that space in the boot is ample, and inspect absolutely everything else that you can. 

  1. How Long Can The Test Drive Be?

Sometimes, a dealer may allow you to take the car overnight for an extended test drive. You will need to draw up an agreement, though, such as an agreement that you won’t put more than 100 miles on the odometer, and you will prove you have insurance and take the car back with as much petrol as it left with. 

  1. What Is The Return Policy Of The Dealer?

Knowing the return policy of the dealership is key. High-pressure dealerships may not give you a straight answer. However, a customer friendly dealership like our Used Car Dealership In Regina will give you time to rethink your purchase, and at least provide you with equal value should you become unhappy. It’s highly unlikely that a dealership will offer you cash back, no matter how great their policies and customer service is. 

  1. What Is Your Cash Price For The Used Car?

Usually, you may be able to get a better deal by enquiring about the cash price of the car. Dealers will try to make money from the financing, but when you offer cash, it eliminates a lot of work so you find you get a much better deal. 

  1. What Services Has The Dealership Performed On The Car Since They Acquired It?

Asking this question will help you to figure out what you are getting for your purchase. If the car has had a complete overhaul, then you likely won’t have to deal with service repairs any time after purchasing the car. 

  1. Do You Accept Trade-Ins?

A trade-in can make your life so much easier. Trying to sell your own used car can be a difficult job on top of finding one that you want to purchase, so by trading it in you will get money off your used car purchase and avoid the hassle of selling your own car. 

  1. Can I Take This To My Mechanic?

A mechanic that you trust could help you to get a more accurate picture of what is going on with the used car you are planning on purchasing. It will come at a further cost to you, but if you are serious about buying the car, then it shouldn’t matter. You want to make sure the car you’re buying is safe and secure and worth the money you will be paying. 

  1. Can I See The Maintenance History?

Any used car dealership in Regina worth their salt will have no problem with you looking at the maintenance history. This will give you a good look at how well the car has been looked after, including oil changes, wheel alignments, tire changes, and more. Regular maintenance is a good indicator that this car has been looked after. 

If you’re buying a used car from a dealership, make sure you go armed with the above 11 questions, and even some of your own. A car is not a purchase you should take lightly, so take your time and go prepared!

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