Frequently Asked Financing Questions

Yes! If you’ve been paying an existing high-interest auto loan on time, DriveNation can often reduce your interest rate to make your vehicle more affordable. If you come back to DriveNation after fully repaying an auto loan, we can guarantee you an even better interest rate on your next purchase.

Yes! We work with our lending partners to offer open loans. You can pay out your used auto loan whenever you like with no fees or penalties. If you want to trade in your vehicle for a different one and have made all of your payments on time, we guarantee you will get an even lower finance rate!

That’s a question we’ll be asking you! To make it as easy as possible, we’ll let you choose when you want to pay your loan. Bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly, we’ll set up payments in the way that makes sense for you.


No! Every day, DriveNation helps its customers build or rebuild their credit by financing used vehicles with no money down. When you let us work for you to get financing, we work with our lending partners to get you a vehicle you can afford with no money down necessary. *In some very rare cases we will require trade equity, or a down payment if no trade equity is available.


A co-signer, or co-applicant, is someone who applies for a loan with you. Even though having a co-signer can help get you a better finance rate, they’re not usually required to get you approved for credit. The DriveNation team will work hard to get you the best rate with or without a co-signer, and will fully explain what co-signing means for both you and your co-signer if you choose to have one.


Yes! One of the best ways to establish credit is with a car loan. DriveNation specializes in getting people approved for their first no-credit loan at the best rate possible.


If you’ve had an auto loan repossessed or even completely written off, we can help you. DriveNation can get you approved at a competitive rate even if you have a repo on your credit report.

If you’re struggling with credit card payments or if you’re past due on any of your other loans, DriveNation can get you approved for vehicle financing. Even if you’ve been facing calls from collection agencies, we can help. We deal with every kind of credit situation and pride ourselves on having the expert knowledge required to get you approved and driving – no matter what.