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Have you been looking at a vehicle on sale from a used car dealer in Saskatoon? Buying a car is always going to be an important purchase. It is going to have a significant impact on your quality of life as well as your finances for many years. That’s why you need to make sure that you are making the right choice. So, what factors should you consider when you are thinking about this type of purchase? 

How Many Past Drivers Has The Vehicle Had?

Ideally, you should be able to find out how many drivers a vehicle has had before you purchase it. You should keep in mind the age of the car in relation to this. What you should be looking for is a sign that there has been a fault with the vehicle. This could be the case if the car has been passed on every couple of years and has racked up more than ten past owners. If this is the case then it’s possible, though not always true, that there is a fault with the car. Specifically, it’s a fault that has been too expensive for the previous owners to fix. 

If you are still eager to purchase a vehicle like this that has had numerous owners, then you should check for a fault when you take it for a test drive. Consider the steering and think about whether there are any issues with the handling or performance. If you do this, then you should be able to ascertain whether this is the right purchase for you. 

Another thing to consider is the type of drivers that have owned the vehicle. Some people do prefer and actually look for a car that has been owned by females. This isn’t sexist. Surveys and polls show that women are more likely to be safer drivers and more attentive to their vehicle. 

What About The Mileage?

What’s a good mileage on a used vehicle? Well, an average mileage annually for a vehicle is going to be about 12,000. So, if you find a car that is five years old and it has a mileage of 50,000 then this is a little low. A lot of people when buying a used car are so swept up in a high mileage that they forget about what a low mileage could mean. Again a low mileage does suggest that there might be an issue with the vehicle. There are, however, a few exceptions. 

For instance, it’s possible that the car was primarily used as a summer vehicle. If that’s the case, then the mileage will be significantly lower than you perhaps expected. Again though, you should consider whether this means that the car isn’t really suitable for the roads at other times of the year. It simply depends on what you’re buying the car for and what its purpose will be. 


Do note that modifications on a vehicle aren’t always detrimental and you shouldn’t automatically assume that a car which has received mods is going to be bad news. However, you should look for paperwork and evidence that the modifications were completed by a professional. Modifications can alter various performance levels of the vehicle and this won’t always be for the best. It’s entirely possible that a mod has made the car more dangerous or more of an issue on the road. 

This will usually be the case if the mod was DIY work. The classic example of this would be a mod that has lowered the car’s suspension. While this might look aesthetically pleasing, you do need to consider what impact this has had on the handling of the vehicle and even the safety of the car. 

Modifications can also be a sign that a used car has suffered some severe levels of wear and tear. This can be the case if critical areas of the car look brand new compared to the rest of the vehicle including the pedals and the clutch. Again, this doesn’t automatically mean that the car is going to be a bad purchase. It’s just worth knowing a little about what you’re buying. 

Past Incidents

Finally, when you visit a used car dealer in Saskatoon, they should always be able to give you information about the history of the vehicle. Ideally, this will include whether the car has been involved in any accidents or had any repairs completed. This is worth checking for in the history. You need to know who completed the repairs and whether the repairs are still under warranty. This is about ensuring that there are going to be no surprises down the road.

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