Benefits of Buying From a Used Car Dealership in Saskatoon

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Are you looking for a used car in Saskatoon? Has your old vehicle begun to show its age or give up the ghost? Do you find that no matter how much you love your trusty car it’s starting to generate more stress (and expense) than it’s ultimately worth? Many would-be used car buyers stick with vehicles for way too long because they assume that replacing the car is beyond their price range. But head on down to our used car dealership in Saskatoon and you might just find that replacing your tired old vehicle is a whole lot more affordable than you originally thought.

At DriveNation, we understand that customers may address the notion of buying a used car with some trepidation. They may worry that a used car might be less reliable than its shiny new counterpart or worry that the great prices on the forecourt seem to good to be true. But as those who buy used often will tell you, there are actually a number of advantages to buying a used car. Let’s take a look at some now…

A great range of cars

It’s easy to see the appeal of new cars, but buying new really inhibits your range of choices. When you look through a showroom you may find that a particular model you really like has been discontinued or reimagined as something unfamiliar and less appealing. What’s more, the more your options are limited, the harder it can be to find the right vehicle to suit your needs and personal tastes.

The great thing about buying from a used car dealership in Saskatoon is that it really opens up the range of options available to you. You’re not limited by age, make or model. You have more options to help you make an informed decision.

Waaay better prices

Every driver who leaves the dealership in a brand new car knows that its value depreciates the instant it hits the road. When you shop for a used vehicle you not only have more options, you have access to way better prices. In fact, On average, used cars prices are almost 50% lower than new car prices! That means you get better value for your money. What’s more, if you’re financing the vehicle, you will be able to pay off your used car much faster, thereby saving you money on interest and financing fees. 

Why pay more for a car that looks, drives and feels exactly the same?

You can still get all the latest features and gadgets

Buying used needn’t necessarily mean buying old. For a variety of reasons, lots of people change their cars once every two years or even once a year. This means that when you tour our used car dealership in Saskatoon you’ll find a great range of nearly new cars. Some may still have remaining manufacturer’s warranties in place while others will have all the same features and gadgets for your comfort and safety. From adaptive cruise control to bluetooth enabled infotainment systems to parking assistance systems, lane assist and a plethora of other cool technologically sophisticated features. 

Buying a used car can ensure that you stay every bit as safe, comfortable and entertained on the road as you would in a brand new vehicle. The only thing that’s different is the price. 

Drive with complete peace of mind

One of the primary advantages of buying a used vehicle from a used car dealer in Saskatoon is that it enables you to drive with complete peace of mind. You don’t need to worry about safety or roadworthiness when you buy from a reputable used car dealer.

Every vehicle on our lot undergoes a rigorous 92-point inspection to ensure that it is in the best possible condition. We take our customers’ safety extremely seriously and would never sell a vehicle that leaves customers with anything less than complete peace of mind as they drive away from us. You can read more about our 92-point inspection here

Warranty options

Think that warranties are just for brand new cars? Think again! While some of our newer vehicles may have a year or two left on their original manufacturer’s warranty, a used car dealership in Saskatoon will also provide you with their own warranty and advise you on extended warranty options.

We, for example offer a 90 day / 3,000 km warranty on all of our used vehicles. This means that you can drive away knowing that if something goes wrong as a result of a mechanical fault, you’ll be protected from the cost of repairs. 

Who says that only new car buyers should be able to drive away with peace of mind?

Better for the environment

Did you know that nearly 25% of the carbon dioxide a vehicle produces during its life-cycle occurs during manufacturing and initial shipment? With this in mind, a used car isn’t just a better option for your pocket book, it’s better for the environment, too.  

In an age where we’re all learning that we need to pull together to reduce the impact our lifestyle has on our planet, a used car is a much more ecologically sound choice. 

Flexible finance

When you’re buying a pre-loved car, you have much more flexibility in terms of finance options than most new car dealerships will allow you. 

At our used car dealership in Saskatoon, we make it easier and more transparent for customers to make the right choices when it comes to financing their used vehicles. With a range of finance options, bad credit loan options, pre-qualification that won’t affect your credit score and an easy to use loan calculator, we like to think that we bring flexible and affordable financing to all of our customers. 

More affordable insurance

Not only is a used car more affordable, it also tends to be cheaper to insure. Why should careful drivers have to pay sky high premiums on their vehicles? Buy used and you’ll find that you’re insulated from the sky-high costs that come with insuring newer vehicles. 

How we can help

If you’re looking for a used car dealership in Saskatoon, look no further than DriveNation. Just take a look at the benefits we offer and you’ll see that we’re the right choice for you. With a range of flexible finance solutions, 90 Day / 3,000 km warranty, road hazard coverage and much, much more.

We work tirelessly to make sure that our customers feel that they can buy with complete confidence. 

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