Buying A Used Car Is Always Best, Here’s Why

Are you thinking about buying a car? You might be deciding between purchasing a vehicle that is brand new and one that has already had a couple owners. There are a few reasons why you should head to a used car dealership in Saskatoon rather than opting for a factory-new vehicle. 


Ask a financial expert and they will always explain to you that a used car is a far better option than buying a vehicle brand new. This is all to do with depreciation. As you are no doubt aware, depreciation is the process of an item losing value on the market. There are very few products that you can purchase that lose value as fast as vehicles. By the end of the first year of owning a brand new car, it could already have shed a few thousand in value. 

Depreciation is also impacted by how much you use a vehicle. For instance, if you add a significant mileage to a car, it is going to depreciate a lot faster. Ultimately, this does mean that you must be prepared to lose money with any new car purchase. 

The only exception to this will be purchasing what can be considered a classic vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know which cars are going to be classics when you purchase them. Often a car will only become a class when a producer ceases production on that particular model. A typical classic car also will not usually fit into the usual budget. 

The Issue Of Reliability

Many people who choose to buy a brand new vehicle rather than choosing one from a used car dealership in Saskatoon tend to do so because they believe that a new car is always going to be more reliable. However, this isn’t the case. 

There are plenty of cars that are actually less reliable than the typical vehicle. These cars are going to need more maintenance and servicing. This will be true, even if you are able to purchase one straight out of the factory that is brand new on the dealership floor. 

Getting a car that is used also does not automatically mean it’s not going to be a reliable vehicle. Indeed, this is simply about choosing the right dealership and the right vehicle. The best dealerships will thoroughly test and vet used cars before they are sold. Ultimately, they will make sure that they are going to be a fantastic choice for a buyer. 

Furthermore, plenty of brands are well known for producing vehicles that do withstand the test of time. For instance, Mercedes are commonly viewed as cars that will not let you down regardless of whether they are past the ten-year mark. 

So theoretically, if you purchase a used car from the right dealer and it’s the right type, then you could actually pay less in maintenance than for a car that is brand new out of the factory. Again, it all depends on what type of vehicle you buy. 

Other Reasons

Another reason why a used car will typically be the better option is going to be down to insurance. With insurance, you should be able to get a better deal if you opt for a used car. Since these are typically less value, they are often cheaper to insure. You can always check insurance options before you commit to a purchase and you should. This will guarantee that the vehicle you are considering purchasing is going to fit into your personal budget. Insurance will be a significant part of this consideration. 

As well as this, you can actually afford a better type of vehicle when you buy a used car. You might be able to opt for a car with more power, a larger engine or more space. A used sports car can often be cheaper than a five-door city vehicle that is brand new out of the factory. 

Finally, buying a used car provides you with the option of switching vehicles more regularly. Since you will typically spend less on the vehicle there is really no reason not to change cars every couple of years. In contrast, if you purchase a vehicle brand new, then you will probably keep it in your possession for at least five years to guarantee that you gain the maximum level of value from it. At this point, when you do sell, you will actually have ironically, lost, quite a lot of value. 

We hope this helps you determine whether purchasing a used car could be the right decision for you. There are plenty of benefits to this option that will guarantee that this could be a great choice.

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