Choosing the Best Car to Buy

Aside from buying a house and choosing a career, buying a car is another of life’s most important decisions. Cars play vital roles in our lives, helping us to move from one location to another with ease and comfort. There are certain basic criteria that must be found in the average car;

– It must be easy to drive

– It must be reliable

– It should be spacious and practical

– It must be able to keep you and your loved ones safe in the event of an accident

It is important that you undertake proper due diligence before you purchase a car. The failure to do this may mean that your car would spend as much time with the mechanic as it does on your driveway. If you are in search of a new car that can last the test of time, then the list below should point you in the right direction;

Best Small Car:

The Honda Civic Is the Winner

In the category of best small car, Honda Civic is definitely the winner. This enduring classic is a blast to drive, reasonably priced, safe, fuel-efficient, and well-equipped. The Honda Civic can also be customized to meet your requirements as it comes in sedan, hatchback, and coupe. Aside from the entry-level version of the Civic, you can choose to go for driver-assist or other safety features such as lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control.

Best Midsize Car:

The Honda Accord Is The Winner

The Accord wins the prize for the best midsize car for its reliability, super resale and trade value, and sophisticated details. It also comes with cool tech features that allow for a safer, more connected driving experience. In 2018, the Honda Accord won the prize for the best overall car.

Best Full-size Car:

The Chevrolet Impala Is the Winner

If what you are shopping for is a car with sufficient space, then the Impala should certainly be top on your list. It can comfortably transport five full-sized adults plus it has substantial space in its trunk. Its engine is built such that it can gracefully move through traffic in the city and get that extra pep on the highway without costing too much by way of fuel. It is easy to drive and comes with plenty of add-on features which makes life much easier, such as keyless start and entry.

Best Hybrid Cars:

The Winners Are The Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Golf GTE, and Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

For those looking to save on fuel cost, Hybrid cars are the best options. They are such a wonder when it comes to urban driving. When you have the right model it would easily best your average petrol or diesel car when it comes to mpg. Some of the best hybrid cars include Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Golf GTE, and Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

Best Luxury Car:

The Winner Is The Audi A5 Sportback

Although style is a major consideration when it comes to a luxury car, the Audi A5 Sportback comes with something more than just sleek exterior. While its fingertip paddle shifters make it a fun driving option, the sedan 252 horsepower engine gives it plenty of giddy-up. It equally has a virtual cockpit which is completely customizable allowing you to decide on what you want to be displayed on your dashboard.

Best Electric Cars:

The Winners Are The Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3

Their exemption from car tax has made electric cars far more popular than ever. Top rated models are known to have good ranges while at the same time meeting the standards associated with the petrol and diesel counterpart. The major drawbacks when it comes to electric cars are their range. Although most manufacturers claim they can go as long as 160 kilometers, in reality, most fall far short of this mark.

Best Midsize SUV:

The Honda Pilot Is The Winner

The Honda Pilot comes with sufficient space for eight people to seat with a host of hidden compartments and cargo space. When it comes to maneuverability, the Pilot provides both responsiveness as well as comfort balanced perfectly.  It is just the right mid-sized SUV with an above average resale value and long-lasting durability.

Best Minivan:

The Honda Odyssey Is The Winner

The Honda Odyssey isn’t your typical everyday minivan, rather it is an SUV packed full of features rolled into an attractive design that also has sufficient space for a whole family, plus their stuff. When it comes to cargo space and functionality, the Odyssey is the clear winner. Aside from this, it comes packed with an array of cool tech options, some of which include the option to make the Honda Odyssey a moving Wi-Fi Hotspot and a built-in vacuum cleaner. It is able to accommodate eight people with comfort and handles itself quite well on the road.

Best Pickup Truck:

The Winner Is The Ford F-150

The 2018 Ford F-150 Pick Up lies somewhere between workhorse and head-turner. The truck comes with an updated powertrain option that gives it a large towing capacity and impressive fuel economy. Its lightness on its feet makes it such a joy to drive, while at the same time, keeping you and your loved ones comfortable in its spacious cabin. It also comes with some amazing feature, such as remote-release tailgate and Backup Assist.

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