Getting The Best Deal On A Used Vehicle

It seems in Canada since the start of the pandemic that everything is rising in prices these days;
gas, houses, groceries, and now used vehicles, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good deals to be had when buying a used car whether through a used dealer lot or a private seller. It’s a matter of knowing how to get the best car deal within the used car market. Suppose you are considering
buying a used car over a new vehicle. In that case, you’re probably wise, as with used cars, you
instantly save money as the depreciation of the vehicle has already been accounted for.

Years back, it seemed the best time to get a good deal on a vehicle with the best interest rate was
either at the end of the month or the end of the year when dealerships were desperate to meet
their quota. That may still be true in some situations depending on the car dealers and what they
have available on their car lot; however, you can do some other things to ensure you’re getting
the best price on your new car, well, new to you.

Do Your Research

There is no reason you can’t do research before visiting car dealerships. Take advantage of the
fact that you can do every part of buying a used car, other than the actual transaction, online. As
part of your research, determine what kind of car you are looking for. If vehicle price is one of
the most significant factors for you, make a list of the wants and needs of your next vehicle. By
sticking to what you need and not wavering from that list, could save you lots of money and
lower the amount of an auto loan you need.

While researching, remember sticker price isn’t everything. Okay, yes, it matters, but look at
what you are getting (or not getting) for that car price. To ensure the vehicle is affordable for
you, don’t focus on monthly payments; concentrate on the car’s total price and don’t forget to
account for car insurance as a cost of owning a car.

Be aware there are many scammers out there, especially private sellers, so be mindful of these
situations. A car purchase is a big deal, so take the time you need and don’t rush. Consider
certified pre-owned, as you know you won’t be getting a lemon. It’s easy to get excited as a car
buyer and fall in love with the first vehicle you see; try to remove emotions from the car buying
experience. Salespeople love to play on emotions, so be watch out for this. 

When doing your research, whether online or in-person, always get a vehicle history report such
as CARFAX. Part of getting the best deal on a used car is knowing what you are buying and how
it drives, and therefore you need to take it for a test drive. Knowing everything about the vehicle
you are considering, from what potential repairs could be, to the added features, will help when it comes to negotiating a lower price.

Get Pre-Approved

Before visiting a car dealership, do yourself a favour and get pre-approved for an auto loan.
Knowing your budget will help you keep your focus on vehicles you can afford. When
determining the max amount you qualify for, talk to a dealership about the trade-in value of your
existing vehicle. Pro tip: Don’t mention a trade-in until the end. Salespeople love using trade-in
as a tool of manipulation. Be wary of this tactic.
To get the best car for you at the best price that will serve you for years to come, consider
automakers known to carry longevity with their names, such as Honda or Toyota.

Here are a few quick, simple tips:

Be strategic in your car shopping
Don’t let the car sales professional fool you
Patience is key with any large purchase
Never be afraid to walk away; there will always be a good deal to find
Be flexible on the type of car you want

DriveNation is about putting its customers first, always! They are your go-to for used cars in
Saskatchewan with car experts and finance experts and car lots full of excellent used cars. Visit
them in Regina, Prince Albert, Saskatoon or online to start your car shopping experience.

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