How is My Credit Score Calculated

Your credit score impacts various personal finance aspects of your life, including whether you’re approved for a car loan, student loans, credit card, mortgage loan, other personal loans, and the interest rate on your home. It is crucial to comprehend the figure and how it arrived to position oneself for financial success. Lenders, including banks, insurance providers, credit card issuers, and landlords, use credit scores to determine how effectively you’ve handled your financial commitments.

How is Your Credit Score Calculation Done?

Data from your credit report is used to calculate your credit score and, thus determining your credit limit. Although there isn’t a single formula for establishing a credit score, FICO, the top producer of credit scores, typically takes the following into account:

Payment History

The borrower’s payment history counts for 35% of the FICO score. This shows how often you make late or timely payments, how many days past the deadline you pay, and how recently you missed payments. Lenders record late payments over 30 days. Consider how far behind you are on monthly installment loan payments, how many credit accounts are late, and whether you’ve caught up. On-time payments improve your score. Skipping payments lowers your score.

Amount Owed

30% of your score comes from amounts owed, which depends on the amount and number of credit accounts. If you pay on time and reduce balances it might boost your credit score. New loans with minimal payment history may temporarily lower your score, but ones nearing repayment may raise it.

Length of Credit History

The length of your credit history determines 15% of your score. The longer you have made payments on time, the better your credit rating will be. When considering credit history, credit scoring models often consider the average age of your credit. This is why you might think about maintaining open and active accounts. Avoiding credit applications and debt may sound prudent, but it could potentially lower your score if lenders cannot check your credit history. Recent account registrations or applications could signal troubled finances and lower your score. Additionally, credit scoring models recognize that recent loan activity does not always portend danger.

Type of Credit

Your credit score will benefit from having a credit mix of credit cards, auto, student, and mortgage loans. It demonstrates to financial institutions your ability to manage several payments at once. Having different types of credit shows creditworthiness offering a good credit score.

Credit Inquiries

If you apply for or open several new credit accounts within a short period, lenders will view you as a higher-risk borrower. In Addition, new accounts reduce credit scores.

Who Determines Your Credit Rating?

The major credit bureaus in Canada are EQUIFAX and TransUnion. Since these credit reporting agencies calculate credit scores differently, there is no single “magic number” to which you may turn. Higher scores indicate less risk, regardless of the number, and vice versa. Some credit reference agencies can provide you with a free credit report.

Tips For Building Credit Score and Qualifying For a Loan from a Finance Company

If you intend to go for a loan, regardless of whether it is the first time or not, follow these tips:

  • Prove your residence.
  • Create a credit history
  • Pay regular bills on schedule.
  • Maintain a minimal credit utilization ratio.
  • See if you can increase your score right away.
  • Check for mistakes and note any on your report.
  • Keep an eye out for fraudulent activity in your credit report.

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