Misconceptions And Myths About Used Cars

Are you thinking about purchasing a used car? Some buyers are put off purchasing a used car due to common misconceptions floating around online. Here are the biggest myths that you definitely shouldn’t believe about this type of purchase. 

Used Cars Are Poor Value 

On the contrary, financial experts agree that used cars provide better value than purchasing a vehicle brand new. Why is this? Well, there are a few reasons. For instance, you need to consider depreciation. Depreciation is always going to be higher on a new car. So, you’re immediately going to have lost more money on a purchase like this. You also need to think about insurance. Insurance is going to typically be cheaper on a used car. This is because it’s less of a risk for insurance companies. 

If someone suggests that a used car provides less value, they will typically be thinking in terms of reliability. But even this isn’t often the case. If you find the right used the car, it will require the same level of maintenance as one that is brand new straight out of the factory. 

The Price You See Is The Price You Pay 

You have probably seen used car dealers in Saskatoon advertise prices of vehicles that they are selling. Is this the price you will need to pay? Potentially not because it’s a buyers market and you have more control than you think. Ultimately, if you choose to and you know-how, then you can feel free to haggle. 

Haggling Is Tricky 

Haggling isn’t actually tricky at all. You just need to know how to approach it the right way. There are a few pointers we can recommend here. First, ask the dealer how much they want for the vehicle. Be aware that it doesn’t matter if there is an advertised price and don’t buy into the ‘it’s already on sale’ routine. A used car is never already on sale at the lowest amount you can buy it for. You can always haggle to get the price closer to the floor. The floor is the industry term for the lowest price a dealer will sell a car for. You need to find the target price you want to buy the car for. Aim for between ten to twenty percent off the asking price. The dealer will then provide their ideal selling price. A dealer might immediately start off at the floor, but usually, there is some wiggle room. Be polite but quite firm and sense the atmosphere. Remember though, most dealers are trained to expect a haggle. 

Used Car Dealers In Saskatoon Can’t Be Trusted

It’s far more accurate to say that some used car dealers in Saskatoon cannot be trusted. Why is this? Well, some dealers aren’t going to be interested in providing high quality to their customers or building long-lasting relationships. Instead, the aim will be to make as much money as they can in the shortest time possible. A clear sign of this is vehicles that are selling for ridiculously low costs. We’re not talking about bargains here. We’re talking about cars that are half what they are worth. In cases like this, it’s possible that the vehicles have been purchased after they have been written off only to be fixed up for the cheapest cost and resold. It’s a common way to end up with a dud vehicle and this is certainly the last thing that you want. 

A Big Mileage Is Always Bad News

In reality, a big mileage can actually be good news. Why is this? Well, if a car has significantly high mileage or one that is just above average it does provide evidence that the car is reliable. Indeed, it might be best to opt for a vehicle with a larger mileage compared to one that is below average. If a car has a below-average mileage this could suggest that there is an issue or multiple issues with the vehicle that has kept it off the road. Another sign of an issue is if the car has passed through multiple buyers within a short period. One or two might suggest that a car isn’t quite the right fit. However, multiple exchanges suggest that the vehicle could be a little bit of a hot potato. 

We hope this helps you decide whether purchasing a used car is the right decision for you. With a variety of different choices on the market, it’s important to make sure that you select the ideal car for your needs. A used car dealer can actually help here and provide the support that you require.

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