What is a Red Flag when Buying a Used Car?

Used car buying has come a long way. A couple of years ago, it would be a tricky task due to the many risks involved. But today, you no longer have to stress about buying a problematic old car because you have many resources to distinguish scams from candid sellers.

DriveNation is here to help you make an informed decision about finding a reliable used vehicle at a low price. It begins with knowing what and who to avoid before finalizing the purchase. Check out some of our biggest red flags for used vehicles and shop like the savvy person you are!

Outstanding Recalls

Vehicle recalls are among the top reasons to conduct due diligence before buying a used vehicle. Usually, manufacturers will issue recalls intending to fix safety or functionality issues identified in cars of a similar model. Visit the Transport Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database and enter the vehicle identification number to check whether a safety recall has been issued for the model you’re eyeing.

Missing or Incorrect Title

A vehicle’s title should always be part of the purchasing checklist, whether you’re buying a pre-owned or a new car. This document will contain information about the car and the previous owner. It’s imperative to ensure your new vehicle comes with a title, and if it’s available, scrutinize it to ensure it has the correct VIN and seller’s name.

Salvage Title

In Canada, a car branded with a salvage title means it’s damaged and not safe to drive. That alone should send you running, as the vehicle’s history might include collision or water damage and written off as a total loss by the insurance company. You want your family to be safe as you cruise through the Queen City, Regina, or take a scenic drive in Prince Albert’s national park, so check the car’s title to stay ahead of this tip-off.

Obvious Water Damage Signs

As aforementioned, salvage titles often accompany flood damage. That lowers the car’s value and makes it hard to insure. Some water damage signs include strange odours, rust, discoloured interior, and sand in unexpected areas — don’t forget to check for electronic glitches and unusual sounds from the brakes as you test drive.

Inadequate Paperwork

A responsible vehicle owner will document the life of the car. Therefore, if the seller doesn’t provide service records and the automobile has a low price way below market value, chances are high that they’re passing off expensive repairs to you. An honest seller or car dealer with proper documentation will have the records to support the asking price marked at the current market value.

Shop Quality Used Cars at DriveNation

Looking for a car dealership in Saskatchewan? Contact DriveNation’s Regina and Prince Albert locations to schedule a test drive, check our specials, and learn about our extended warranty deals. Our goal here is simple; to get you a reasonably priced yet quality pre-owned car, truck, or SUV!

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